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The difference between a router and a cat

Many people know that there is a router for broadband and Internet access at home, but they don’t know what the router is doing, or they don’t know the difference between routers and cats . Because we used “cats” when we didn’t use routers in the early years. of. So, what is the difference between a router and a “cat”? Pacific Internet introduces you.

What is the difference between a router and a cat?

“Cat” refers to a modem. The so-called modulation is to convert a digital signal into an analog signal transmitted on a telephone line; demodulation, that is, converting an analog signal into a digital signal. Synonymous with a modem. The English language of the modem is “Modem”, and the pronunciation is similar to “cat”, so it is called “cat”. To put it simply, the main role of the “cat” is to connect to the broadband line, connect to the computer, and connect the computer to the broadband, so that the computer can access the Internet.

A router, also known as a gateway device, has the English name “Router”. It is a device that connects to various LANs and WANs in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets routes according to the channel conditions, and sends signals in the optimal path in order. The role of the router is to enable several computers to access the Internet at the same time through a network cable, which serves as a distribution. Connect the cat above the router and connect the computer below.

To put it simply, if we want a computer to be connected to broadband and normal Internet access, we need broadband “cats”. If we want multiple computers and other mobile devices to connect to broadband, we need a router to play the role of switching.

When the home office is operating broadband, the network operator will provide the “cat” as the interface, and then we will buy it by ourselves or the network operator will provide the “cat” on the router connection, and then set the account password to connect our device to the Internet. It should be noted that the router needs to be powered on to implement multiple network cable switching functions, and the “cat” does not need an external power supply.

Of course, there are now routers and “cats” combined into a single router, with the dual characteristics of routers and “cats”, more ports, you can connect to the broadband, directly connected to the computer below, to achieve the function of the router and “cat” , let multiple devices access the Internet at the same time.

What is the difference between a router and a cat? How do you know about the difference between a router and a “cat”? The next time you are dealing with broadband, don’t be silly and ask the router and “cat” what is the difference!

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