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SYPWAI is actively involved in the development of technological progress

In pursuit of its main goal, SYPWAI also has an important mission to provide jobs for interested people to increase their awareness in the field of innovative technologies and allow them to earn money.

SYPWAI has defined the focus of its work not on the company growth, but on the development of the companies that asked for help. The platform works for the people’s benefit, tries to help both large corporations in optimizing their business processes and people, allowing them to make money.

AI is increasingly being used to make business decisions

AI is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of applications, and while we see AI technologies performing several incredible feats like Google Translate, AlphaGo, and solving the Rubik’s Cube, it can be difficult to determine which business tasks are appropriate for AI. Comparison of this problem with the solution of AI often boils down to the statement: sometimes what seems to be an unsolvable problem with minor changes can become the problem that AI can solve.

Overall, analytics is ripe for AI adoption. Applying AI or machine learning to large amounts of data in the pipeline can have a massive impact in both the long and short term. Other processes that apply across all industries and that can be quickly improved with AI include planning and forecasting, marketing attribution, and supply chain optimization.

AI solution growth

In just a few years, AI solutions have passed from the mouths of Silicon Valley technology evangelists to the minds of government officials and policymakers around the world. The pendulum has swung from a dystopian notion that AI will destroy humanity to a utopian belief that our algorithmic savior is here.


We are now seeing governments pledging support for national AI initiatives and competing in a technological and rhetorical arms race to dominate the emerging machine learning sector. For example, the UK government has pledged to invest £ 300 million in AI research to position itself as a leader in this field. Fascinated by the transformative potential of AI, French President Emmanuel Macron set out to transform France into a global AI hub. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities with a national plan to build a $ 150 billion Chinese artificial intelligence industry by 2030.

Many countries hope to dominate the fourth industrial revolution.

One of the most promising varieties of artificial intelligence technologies is neural networks. This form of machine learning is broadly modeled after the neural structure of the human brain but on a much smaller scale. Many AI products use neural networks to infer patterns and rules from large amounts of data.

Now it is the SYPWAI project that is at the forefront of the rapidly growing technology space in the global science markets and has the potential to revolutionize an entire industry. There is every reason to count on SYPWAI’s long-term success in the global market.