What are the best iOS App Marketing Services of 2019

In the case of mobile applications, marketing plays a vital role in spreading awareness and promoting the brand to the target audience. This is one of the main reasons why online business and app owners need to hire a mobile app marketing company for better exposure to their Android and iOS applications. In this article, we will be specifically focusing ...

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10 best iOS 11 app designs and concepts

Now that iOS 11 has been officially launched on Apple devices, we are beginning to see some very beautiful programs that can be implemented using the revised design language. Areas such as larger headline text, lots of rounded corners, subtle shadows, exquisite buttons and icons are all inspiring designers and developers to present their own iOS 11. The iPhone X, released ...

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These 12 apps are said to be great on Apple’s design awards list!

Foreign media reported that Apple held its annual conference on Wednesday. At its small awards ceremony, Apple announced the winners of the most prestigious design awards in 2018. Award-winning apps that are popular with Apple are awarded for their innovation, usefulness, or look. This is one of Apple’s biggest awards for its app developers. Unlike Apple’s annual final awards list, these ...

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