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These 12 apps are said to be great on Apple’s design awards list!

Foreign media reported that Apple held its annual conference on Wednesday. At its small awards ceremony, Apple announced the winners of the most prestigious design awards in 2018.

Award-winning apps that are popular with Apple are awarded for their innovation, usefulness, or look. This is one of Apple’s biggest awards for its app developers.

Unlike Apple’s annual final awards list, these applications are often not super-popular and often take advantage of new Apple features or highlight new trends in application design. Sometimes, the app that has won an award, Apple will even buy the company behind it.

This is the 12 apps for this year’s winners:

1. Blackbox (Black Box): Exclusive to the iPhone, with more than 77,000 5-star ratings, it is an exciting and clever smart game.

2. Splitter Critters: Designed and developed by two teams in Vancouver, Canada, is a fascinating arcade puzzle game for iPhone and iPad.

3. Mushroom 11 (Mushroom 11): A game that combines physics puzzles with action strategies, as well as a left-handed mode.

4. Old Man’s Journey: Open on iOS, a puzzle adventure game about life, loss and hope. Allow players to share moments in the game via ReplayKit and photo sharing.

5. Severed: A challenging touch and slide adventure game.

6. Lake: This is a beautifully designed painting app designed for iPad and iPhone. Equipped with creative enhancements, custom palettes and beautiful illustrations to help anyone create masterpieces.

7. Bear: iPhone, iPad and Mac proprietary, is an elegant and flexible writing tool for writing notes and prose. With a clean, clean design and beautiful typography, the writer helps the writer focus on the content and record outstanding results at any time and whenever any inspiration occurs.

8. Kitchen Stories: The kitchen story was created by two young women, designed to make a delicious meal for anyone. It’s a simple and beautiful cooking app available in 12 languages ​​for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

9. Things 3: thoughtful design and powerful features can help you to make efficient use of every day.

10.Elk: An innovative currency conversion app that is perfect for Apple Watch and can quickly convert over 150 currencies worldwide.

11. Enlight: For iPhone and iPad, it is a groundbreaking photo editing application with a range of tools that match professional desktop hosts.

12. AirMail 3: This is a powerful and efficient mail client designed for iOS, macOS and watchOS.

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