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10 best iOS 11 app designs and concepts

Now that iOS 11 has been officially launched on Apple devices, we are beginning to see some very beautiful programs that can be implemented using the revised design language. Areas such as larger headline text, lots of rounded corners, subtle shadows, exquisite buttons and icons are all inspiring designers and developers to present their own iOS 11.

The iPhone X, released last month, also brought some beautiful app design, and designers are pushing their own unique elements, such as the status bar and increased screen space. In this article, we’ll review some of the best iOS 11 application designs and concepts we’ve seen so far.

iPhone X Todo App

This beautiful iOS 11 designed iPhone X uses a visually clear and colorful design language to match with good interaction.

Shopping Cards

This shopping app uses a beautiful shadow card design and is now an integral part of the iOS 11 design language. These cards are highlighted in the podcast and app store apps.

Kids Event App

Using rich colors, this kid’s event app is a very good example of running iOS 11. It uses a large number of circular images with an emphasis on the title type and the surrounding blanks.

User Profile

Dark applications like this user profile are especially impressive when displayed in the iPhone X model. The dark background blends seamlessly with the bezel and camera engraving.

Sales Dashboard

This sales dashboard concept shows the beautiful colors and gradients in day and night mode on iOS 11. Graphics cross the edge and take advantage of expanded real estate.

Property Developer Finder Mobile App

This iOS developer found the app to use simple and effective icons, as well as shadow cards and headlines. It is executed flawlessly and has a huge use of gradients and depths.

News & Account

While iOS 11 has more “default” implementations, this news and account app is still an amazing example of how Apple’s guidelines work. Spacing, imagery and typography have been precisely designed.

Newbank Today

Another more “default” implementation, Newbank uses a limited color scheme, high precision, excellent use of depth elements and card layout.

Text Vote

Text voting shows one of the easiest ways to design an iOS 11 app. It makes image and layout very simple, with a focus on written content.

Photography Product

This photography app is an example of a more visual iOS 11 design. This is more like a fashion app, visual effects are very important, showing the edge-to-edge display of the iPhone X.

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