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What technologies do you need for APP development?

An app is a huge project from design to development. Before you start doing it, you need to master what technology, and how to do it is what most developers care about most. Especially for some newcomers who have just entered the field of APP software development, when choosing a programming language, they simply don’t know how to choose, and they don’t know what environment to use to develop software. So, what technologies do you need for APP development?

First of all, APP development generally includes the background management side from the technical architecture, operating on the PC side, that is, managing our overall system background. Includes users, permissions, orders, and some managed features. In addition, the front end of the APP includes iOS and Android, which is the overall system architecture of an APP.
The general technical solutions of the developers’ systems are separated from the front and back. The front-end is developed with the iOS development language and the Android development language, and the back-end application layer is called by the interface, and the background is responsible for the development of the background management.
The technical solutions commonly used in technical architecture are nothing more than PHP, JAVA, and of course .NET technology.
What is the difference between these technical solutions?

The first depends on what kind of application we do and the needs of our systems business. Usually in the early days of the business, we develop various systems that use the technology we are most familiar with and the fastest. More will use PHP development, because there are too many mature things to refer to. What about the other one? When your system is very complex, if it is a financial transaction system or a back-end business module, or a relatively complex e-commerce system, then our back-end will use JAVA technology to develop.
What is the difference between the development of these two technologies?

First, PHP development speed is relatively fast, JAVA development is system structure is relatively strong, flexibility is better, in addition, this is the technical architecture. In addition, when we are developing, many friends will ask, whether I use the original ecological development, or use the current hybrid H5 development. Because we know that with the development of technology, the original development based on native is to write different code on each client, using different languages.
Based on the H5-based hybrid App framework development, it is necessary to do a program on the back-end server, and the front-end is automatically updated. The latter will be better in terms of technical architecture, technology development and maintenance costs. Of course, it also depends on the functionality of the front end of your app. If your phone’s local applicability is strong, it may be better to use local development.
Of course, now H5’s technology, including the emergence of various open source technologies, allows us to use the same features and effects as native apps. It is like a small program that also introduces such a way of calling. So this is also a problem with a technical solution. If you want to know more about the main points of APP development, you can also look at ” How to develop a successful APP software “.
Everyone will ask how much the development cost of these two technologies is different. In fact, we can understand this. From the system structure of an App application, the background application, no matter which one you develop, needs to be available. This is the subject and the core. The other one, the development of the front-end, whether you use the hybrid H5 front-end development, or Android, iOS development, in fact, the front-end needs to be a separate independent port.
Although there is a certain difference in the development cost of the two from the perspective of cost, it is not necessarily particularly large. In addition, in terms of the cost of long-term maintenance, it may be a hybrid development based on the peripheral approach, it will be better, and all updates will be released at one time, so this also depends on our overall project and business requirements.
Therefore, when doing APP development technology solutions, I suggest that you do not blindly pursue the needs of some technologies, but first understand the pain points and needs of our business, and then choose the technical solutions that match the APP development. Of course, the real technical solution, in addition to what I introduced, may have some more mature and different technical solutions.

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