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The difference between JavaScript and Java

Their similarities include :

Their grammar is very similar to C language;

They are all object oriented (although the implementation is slightly different);

JavaScript is designed with reference to Java’s naming conventions;

Their differences between JavaScript and Java:

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, and Java is a statically typed language;

JavaScript is weakly typed and Java is strongly typed;

JavaScript object-oriented is a prototype-based implementation, and Java is class-based;

In addition to being more like Java, JavaScript has a far cry from language. The objects that JavaScript refers to at design time do not include Java, but include languages ​​like Self and Scheme.

1. First of all, the two guys didn’t have any blood relationship. Java was launched by Sun in May 1995, and javascript was designed and implemented by Netscape in 1995. Netscape and Sun cooperated. Netscape executives hope it looks like Java, so it’s called JavaScript.

2. Secondly, the nature of these two guys is different. Java is an object-oriented programming language that can write cross-platform applications. Even if you are developing a simple program, you must design the object. JavaScript is a literal translation. A scripting language that itself provides a very rich set of internal objects for designers to use.

3. And their implementation is not the same, Java is a language between interpreted and compiled languages, java source code must be compiled before passing to the client to execute, through the corresponding platform An interpreter that implements the constraints of compiling code independent of a particular platform. JavaScript is an interpretive programming language. The source code does not need to be compiled before being sent to the client for execution. Instead, the text code is sent to the client and interpreted by the browser.

4. Secondly, the use of the two is different. Java is widely used in personal PCs, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, mobile phones and the Internet. The purpose of Javascript is to: 1. Embed dynamic text in HTML pages. 2. Respond to browser events; 3. Read and write HTML elements; 4. Verify data before data is submitted to the server; 5. Detect visitors’ browser information; 6. Control cookies, including creation and modification.

In short.

The main difference between Java and JavaScript:

  1. Java is an OOP programming language, and Java Script is an OOP scripting language.
  2. Java creates an application that runs in a virtual machine or browser, while JavaScript code runs only in the browser.
  3. Java code needs to be compiled, and the JavaScript code is in the text.
  4. They require different plugins.

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