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popular free fonts for you in 2019

Every New Year, you will see a series of new design and technology trends that you may use in the coming months. But what about fonts and typography? Of course, font trends are often part of a new trend, and using the right fonts will make your website design work easier. Here, I have compiled 19 popular free fonts that are commonly used in design projects.

Some of these options are free fonts, while others have advanced font options (everyone needs some advanced font families). There are also new and classic font combinations to choose from.

A list of new trends in fonts in 2019:

Many of the options in the list below take into account this year’s new font trends and styles.

  ● Form paragraphs with three to five lines of sans serif fonts.

  ● Use more serif font options

  ●Use the retro font inside and outside to create a classic atmosphere

  ● Carefully retouch for short text

  ●Use bold font

1.Coves font

Coves is a sans serif font with a clean circular outline and a full-case character set that is highly readable in the application interface regardless of font size. The rounded edges give this font a special texture that looks slightly different from other fonts. It can be downloaded for free from the Behance Forum (personal use).

2.Univers font

Univers is a classic font. This font is very practical and can be easily used for any website design and other design aesthetic projects. The clean shape of this sans serif font also makes it suitable for large or stacked typesetting. This advanced font is available on the My Fonts website (

3.Morganite font

Morganite is a very complex sans serif font. The uppercase character set is great for device display, although lowercase letters have a thin feel, but they work well for short text elements. It is very readable for fonts of such high height. It can be downloaded from the Behance forum.

4.Lato font

Lato is a timeless font. The semi-circular details of the letters give a warm feeling, while the sturdy structure provides stability and seriousness. Harmony and serious but friendly. This font has a summer feel and is also a popular font because it is included in Google Fonts.

5.Evolve Sans font

Evolution Sans includes 10 different styles of detail, as well as a futuristic alternative font that is very interesting for a particular character or purpose. The fine font version is only available for large applications, but the regular look of regular and bold fonts does not work for almost all regular display text.

6.Quick font

Quick is an elegant, sans serif font. This font can be very attractive when tweaked to an oversized display. This font contains multi-language support and includes a complete character set.

7.Mosk font

Mosk is a powerful sans serif font with 9 different thickness styles, so it can be a versatile font solution. Angled fonts and clear lines make it ideal for typography, text and device display in website design. It can be downloaded from the Behance website. More design points can also be combined with the above ” Introduction to the difference between UI design and UX design (2) “.

8.Burgess font

The Burgess font is a highly readable serif font with many styles in the full font family. Several styles of bold and medium bold look great in the device display, while regular fonts are great for smaller text elements.

9.GT Super font

The GT Super is a modern serif with multiple functions. With a variety of thickness, readability and versatility, it is an ideal universal solution. (Also, it looks great on both the screen and the print.) GT Super is a serif font that was widely used in the 1970s and 1980s. It focuses on the expressiveness and character of the font, prompting it to form a stable font shape.


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