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How to get started with hacking beginners

I don’t know if you have any computer professional knowledge. Learn the hacker’s general term. I also want to learn hacking techniques. I often look at the animations made by hackers. Here I will copy the labor results of others and hope to help you. Maybe you And don’t want to be a hacker but curious, maybe you are just for superb technology. No matter what you need to study hard, there is nothing that can be easily succeeded without effort. The reason why success is because that person has a unique ability, if you want to have superior skills, you must continue Go to study, and study must also pay attention to certain efficiency. Today, the beginning of inoker also officially worked as a webmaster for him. I know that it is difficult for a person to support a station, but when I am not difficult, I know that my days will be very good.
Let me talk about the troubles of many friends. Is it necessary to read a forum or search for a rookie article in Baidu every time, and even read a few lines, there is no confidence to read it, because what? Because it does not read understand. The original kind of curious confidence has also passed away. Finally, the hacker was abandoned because it was difficult to continue learning.

I have had a deep experience. Like a narrow path, when you choose a tool, you must consider whether it is a bicycle or a road. Choose a good method to get a shortcut. Next, I will tell you about a rookie road. It is also a shortcut that I have come out of the East Road in the past few years. I hope that I can help you. But remember, if you don’t work hard, even if you are one meter long, you can’t do anything without walking your legs. If you want to learn, you have to prepare for it. It’s not that you follow the animations of others and follow the instructions. A QB means that you are a hacker. If your inner joy can wake up the interest in hacking technology, it is worth it. In a word, I hope that you will go on.

You must have a plan for yourself. I can’t learn to learn hackers this morning. I am interested in games in the afternoon. The knowledge I have learned is quite different from that of learning. There must be an overall arrangement for learning things. What day do I have to plan to learn? How many days are expected to be proficient. These must be thought before you study. We advocate a classification learning method. Let me talk about the basic content of classification learning. A few days ago I saw this classified learning route for Netan. I want to add something here.

1. The basis of hacker terminology: mainly to find out some common hacking terminology, such as what is called webshell, what is called injection, what is called sidenote, and some common tools, such as nc, sc, etc. There is when you encounter When you don’t understand the hacking terminology, you should first figure out the meaning of the term. Go to Baidu or GOOGLE and check his meaning first. When you are learning, you can’t get in touch with the knowledge you don’t understand. Be clear first. (learning for a week)

2. Gray pigeon configuration and use: through learning to achieve the correct configuration of the gray pigeons and can be online. Training on its functions. (learning two days) Needless to say, the primary hacker listens the most The pigeons are gone.

3. Trojan production and distribution (one week)

4. website invasion (almost a month)

5. Trojan signatures modified (forty-five days)

course divided blocks of knowledge and learning time, can be appropriately selected according to their own situation itself.

Below I will classify the learning process, the skills, and combine the specific steps of the learning method in the form of examples in actual learning.

The main line of the classification learning method:

collecting information—-view animation tutorials and technical articles—- Practical training—-Review the tutorials and articles—Create your own animation tutorials and write articles.

Follow the above route and practice repeatedly. I think you will definitely improve in a short period of time.
The following sections explain each link:

First, collect data

The main purpose of this link is to collect as many related animation tutorials and technical articles as possible. There are two main methods of collecting methods: the first one, using Baidu, google, search. For example, I want to find a website intrusion related tutorial. You can enter the keyword “site intrusion + space + tutorial” in Baidu google, so you can collect a lot of tutorials and articles, you can flexibly change keywords, such as input script intrusion + space + animation, ASP intrusion, etc., you can find A large amount of information on website intrusion is collected and collected. Second, take advantage of the on-site search function of large hacker websites. This type of search is much higher than Baidu and Google. For example, if you want to find a webpage related to a Trojan horse, you can go to the major hacker websites and enter the keyword webpage Trojan in the search.

Second, watch animated tutorials and technical articles

before watching, you have to prepare a notebook, designed to record while watching a movie, or article, do not understand or doubts about the place, in the process of looking in some places you might not understand , it does not matter, do not know where the record, of course, see the movie

to note the following when the article points:

1. understanding the whole idea of animated tutorials

2. observe every detail of the operation of the animation, there is a clear will Record it immediately. How to solve the problem of not knowing what to record? It can be solved by the following methods.

1. Forum questions: For example, the rookie question area, the description of the areas you do not understand clearly, sent to the forum, of course, you can also go to other hacking forums to ask questions.

2. Ask the hacker group or friends, here you need to add a few hacker technology groups, pay more hacker technology enthusiasts, and then take your troubles to discuss with everyone, generally can also solve.

3. Repeatedly watching animation tutorials, technical articles, sometimes, we may not understand when we look at it again, but repeated observations, repeated thoughts, can often solve difficult problems in animation or articles.

4. Use Baidu, google to search for relevant content, and also use keywords to search related content. This method is still good, and you understand N’s other related issues while you understand your problem.

Third, actual combat training

This stage is also the most important. At the beginning, you can follow the animation steps. Many difficult problems can be realized in the actual operation, and will be solved in the operation. Of course, if you encounter difficulties during the operation, you can go back and watch the animation and repeat the process. Slowly it will become your own technology.

Fourth, go back and look at the animation and the article

difficult problems during the operation, experienced, then we look back animations with these questions, we believe that a more profound understanding. The purpose is also clearer. In this process, pay special attention to the comparison between the details of your operation and the details in the animation, and find out where the problem exists in time.

Fifth, write articles or produce their own animation

through a period of study, you may also have to block a deeper understanding of knowledge, also have their own opinion, so-called practice makes perfect, skilled naturally also have personal feelings and experiences. At this time, you can animate or write your new intrusion ideas and techniques, which not only improves your thinking ability but also exercises your actual operation level. This is also an important way to improve the technical level of hackers.

So I suggest here: If you have new intrusion ideas or new intrusion techniques, don’t bury them in your heart and make animations. You will progress without knowing it.

The above is a hacker learning method that I personally think is effective, and of course combines the following four aspects of skills.

First, do hacker notes

1. Record the doubts in the actual invasion process

2. When you look at other people’s animations or articles, the places that do not understand or understand are also recorded.

3. At the same time, in the process of learning, encounter intrusion tips, intrusion of common commands, excellent hacking tools, classic methods are also recorded. When you invade or encounter a problem in the future, you can always check it.

Second, collect and organize excellent articles, animation tutorials, hacking tools.

1. Sort out excellent technical articles.

2. Collect and organize classic technical animation tutorials

3. Collect classic excellent hacking tools, everyone should have their own hacking toolbox, and sorted and stored.

The purpose of collecting and sorting is to facilitate future study.

Third, you should think about the issues when you look at other people’s animations or articles.

1. Comprehend the overall idea of ​​animation.

2. Write down the details of the unknown or doubt.

3. Evaluate other people’s animations, what are the shortcomings, what are the advantages, and learn to analyze and think. At the same time, dare to put forward your own ideas, how to further perfect his intrusion method.

Fourth, do regular animation

do here benefits of animation, I will not say, as long as you do more, will naturally appreciate the benefits of them!

As long as the following conditions, can be made into animation, I think, is your master The best way to technology, so this is also a good way to improve hacking techniques.

1. When you see a good article, you should make an animation:

2. Good tools, the use of classic tools is also animated:

3. Intrusion summary:

I have seen many people have done the Trojan propagation method before, and have seen relevant The articles spread by Trojans are all scattered. Later, after referring to the related magazines, I made a comprehensive tutorial on Trojan communication—-the Trojan spread final package.

4. New ideas and new skills:

If you have a good idea or method of intrusion, you can also make an animation.

5. Expand and extend the animation of others:

mainly to see the invasion animation made by others, bring you new invasion Methods and techniques.

6. Improve the animation of perfect others:

As can be seen from the above, we have to do the tutorial, try not to repeat other people’s tutorials, have their own ideas and ideas. Therefore, you can refer to the above methods for animation, and when you look at other people’s tutorials, don’t just copy them, have your own opinions, learn to think, be good at summing up, and constantly ask yourself when you look at other people’s tutorials. Can it be further invaded? Does his intrusion method have any shortcomings? Can he further improve his intrusion method? As long as you do the above, I believe that your technology will also advance by leaps and bounds.

First of all, we understand the objective environment of the damaged Internet cafes, and we must understand the field hacking of Internet cafes. In particular, pay attention to see if there is CCTV control. If the Internet cafe staff is familiar with your personal information, it will cause trouble. Some Internet cafes must show their ID cards and don’t destroy them. The following methods of destruction are in no particular order. Please use some damage combinations flexibly. The details of the operation are not detailed.

1, COMS undermine

enjoy hunting of it, a lot of computer system problems are set out in COMS error !! For example: power settings error, hard disk data transfer error and so on. Many of these invisible errors are not easy to find. The most obvious thing is to add a power-on password before you leave. You only need a few seconds. The network administrator will take a few minutes to dismantle the COMS password.

2, CIH virus like CIH damage class powerful enough, right

in addition to CIH virus, other virus attacks, there are many hardware Oh! Transferred to the virus attack condition we left before attack.

3. The hard disk class destroys the hard disk and destroys the software. A hacker station (virus station) has a newer virus every day. The old virus “KV300 logic lock” is quite powerful, the soft hard disk can not be started! HD-FILL and other worm software is also a great lethality, the hard disk is full of waste files, the hard disk can not be used! The opposite is low-level 

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