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5 most popular hacking tools in 2019

With the development and influence of network technology, the network security problem has become more and more serious. In order to cope with this situation, network security workers need to continuously learn advanced knowledge. Good tools can make our work more effective. Today, Ah Yu wants to share with you the 5 most widely used and most useful hacking tools in the world for your reference. These tools are very famous and can be found by a search.


MetaSploit is very easy to use when dealing with network penetration issues. Because MetaSploit is one of the most advanced hacking tools available today, it has a full suite of advanced penetration testing tools. The tool is primarily for the Linux operating system, but there are also Windows and Mac versions.


NMAP, the full name of Network Mapper, is a powerful open source tool for network security auditing and web search. Currently, the tool is widely used to find information about target networks and server devices as well as other network vulnerability information. Most network administrators use it for network inventory, managing service upgrade plans, and monitoring tasks such as host or service uptime. Nmap is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.


NESSUS, the full name of Remote Security Scanner, is a remote security scanning tool primarily used for vulnerability scanning. It is the most popular vulnerability scanner in more than 75,000 organizations worldwide. Until now, more and more organizations around the world have realized the great role of Nessus in reviewing critical business, enterprise devices and applications.


Wireshark is a free open source packet analyzer. It is primarily used for network troubleshooting, analysis, and development of software and communication protocols. The key point is that the tool allows users to capture and interactively browse the contents of network frames, making it one of the most popular hacking tools. Wireshark is available for Linux and Windows operating systems.

5.Social-Engineer Toolkit

The Social-Engineer Toolkit is a Python-based advanced framework for social engineering penetration testing. It provides components for making many types of social engineering attacks, such as credential acquisition, spear phishing attacks, SMS spoofing, phishing emails, and more. Currently, the Social-Engineer Toolkit is only available for Linux systems.

The above five tools are the most popular hacking tools in 2018. NMAP and NESSUS have been used in projects, and the functions are indeed available. Ok, let’s share it here today, and your favorite friends can click on it. Ah Yu will have wonderful content to share every day.

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