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Steps to Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard & Get Pin using [2019]

Here, this guide for Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard & Get Pin using steps by steps. Ares Wizard is best Kodi Addons to streaming TV and movies on your media devices for free. is web link to Kodi 17.1.

What is Kodi Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard are comes to best Kodi tool to provides you with amazing add-ons for streaming TV and movies. Also that is available free of cost to you access all 3rd party software developed by Ares Project that is best for you. Now you check below Steps to Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard & Get Pin using you follow steps that is very easy for you.

Steps to Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard & Get Pin using [2019]

However, you follow below steps to install “” and use VPN before installing Ares Wizard that is best for you.

Step 1: First, Go to System.

Step 2: After, go to System Settings.

Step 3: Then, choose Add-Ons.

Step 4: After, on Unknown Sources

Step 5: Then, Tap to Yes.

Step 6: After choose File Manager.

Step 7: And go to Add Source.

Step 8: Choose None.

Step 9: add the path

Step 10: Select ok.

Step 11: After, choose any name for this media source. 

Step 12: After, go Kodi home screen.

Step 13: After, select Add-Ons.

Step 14: After, press the Package icon.

Step 15: And Install From Zip File.

Step 16: After, select new source you added.

Step 17: After, select repository.aresproject folder.

Step 18: After, choose the file folder name similar to

Step 19: Wait some time and you will get “Ares Wizard” add-on enabled notification.

Step 20: After, go to “Install from Repository”.

Step 21: Choose “Ares Project“and after “Program Add-Ons“.

Step 22: Select Ares Wizard.

Step 23: Tap to Install.

Step 24: After, go to Kodi home screen.

Step 25: Then, choose Ares Wizard.

Step 26: Wait some time.

Step 27: After, open Ares Wizard, and choose Kodi to build.

Step 28: Then, enter a PIN, and browse

Step 29: Also Enter the PIN number is displayed at

Step 30: After, choose “Pulse Build Krypton”. 

Step 31: Tap to Install.

Step 32: Restart Kodi.

Step 33: Done.

Now, you follow above steps for Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard & Get Pin using easy. And after you can easy to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free that is best helpful steps for you.

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