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How to be healthy as a freelance writer

At the onset of your freelance writing journey, you must have been told it is not for the fainthearted.  And by now, you must have faced a myriad of challenges which includes how to stay fit even as you earn a living doing freelance writing jobs at home. While you are not alone in these challenges, consequences of working without play zeroes down to an individual.  And so, here is the catch: Why do you need to keep fit as a freelance?

Well, whether it is hitting the gym every morning or taking morning walks before doing freelance writing jobs such as transcribing or offering virtual assistance services, freelancers must be in good health and shape to remain productive. Other reasons for staying fit include:

  • Good health equals mental wellness, something every freelance needs.
  • Good health boosts creativity.
  • Sustained focus.
  • Like any other workaholic, poor health begets boredom. Healthy freelancers are among the happiest workforce.

Tips on how independent workers can keep healthy

Now, bearing in mind the above reasons why good health is a vital requirement for productivity in the gig economy, the following tips should help you stay fit and in great health:

·  Always assume the right sitting position

Backaches are common health concerns among freelancers, and it is because many still ignore the importance of assuming the right sitting position. Let your knees assume right angles, body straight and head naturally upright above your shoulder. Use a footrest if you can, but make sure your feet are flat and legs uncrossed.

· Take regular breaks

Freelancers use computers most of the times and you must already know that looking at LED screen continuously can have adverse effects on the eyes. Therefore, to avoid fatigue and eye strain, make it a habit of taking breaks every twenty minutes. With a popular rule like 20-20-20 (break every 20 minutes, 20 seconds looking away from the screen and sitting 20 feet away),  you are assured of perfect eye health.

·Keep fit

You may want to stretch your body every 20 minutes, do yoga or jog, and that’s okay. The good news is that exercising enhances creativity, boosts focus and is also a great stress reliever. By keeping fit, you will have a breeze doing freelance writing jobs.

·Drink water every often

If you are coffee addict like most freelancers, in which case, lots of it may be counterproductive, it is time to dehydrate in a different way. Take as many pints of water during working hours as possible and experience a burst in energy that will keep you grinding through freelance writing jobs.

·Don’t overwork and don’t forget your meals

It is imperative that every freelancer find their magic moments or hours. It is that time, say every 3 hours after in the morning when they are most productive and make the most of it. Moreover, eat your meals to keep your energy levels and focus high.

Final words

There are many ways of earning a living working from home. Whether it is through or via a freelancer marketplace, keeping fit will help you make lots money.

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