How to successfully use Instagram to operate a brand? 7 Ins business accounts that you must track

How to make the content feel without losing the temperature, we can refer to the practice of 7 Instagram business accounts~

Instagram has become a marketing tool that more and more people rely on. Although Instagram belongs to Facebook, the business model is still different. Instagram is more focused on the photos, and its mastery of the theme tags is Accurate, business users who use Instagram’s hashtags are more likely to be seen and spread.

For those who want to use Instagram for business operations, how to make the content feel without losing the temperature to achieve a win-win effect, we can refer to the following seven practices.

1. We work workspace design

Number of followers: 210,000, average of each post by number: 3,000

We work is an interior design company that focuses on the spatial planning of the work office. They operate Instagram to fully utilize the features of the #Hashtag theme tag to attract more users’ attention, and the topic setting is also very accurate. The story of “people and work space” uses the space to discover and enjoy the diffusion of photos in the space . It not only attracts the original interior design community, but also attracts the general public’s attention.

2. Oreo International Biscuit Brand

Number of followers: 2.45 million, average per post by number: 60,000

I believe that this classic black chocolate crust, white cream sandwich biscuits do not have to repeat, its slogan “turn around, smash, bubble” I believe has penetrated many people’s hearts.

Their Instagram has exceeded 2.45 million follow-ups. The average number of posts per post is also high. The cohesiveness even surpasses many net reds. Their magic weapon is to use Oreo as a toy, not just snacks. It is an interesting part of life, launching many food ideas, and the material of time-lapse film painting (Oreo hot air balloon, Oreo car) is quite eye-catching , and it is worth learning from many snack factories.

3. Fedex International Shipping Company

Number of followers: 81,000, average of each post by number: 2600

This is an international courier company that provides overnight express delivery, ground express delivery, and heavy cargo delivery services. How can this type of company operate its own social networking site?

Fedex FedEx’s practice is to collect the photographic materials provided by netizens, reducing the time and cost of operation. They did not ask the photographers to use their Instagram as a platform to showcase their works, consolidate the original fans and integrate Fedex in the world. Beautiful views from all over the place.

4. American Express Financial Management

Number of followers: 219,000, average of each post by number: 1,200

American Express’s Instagram business is not about introducing credit card offers or raising businesses on the Internet. The way they do it is to maximize the enjoyment of life , and in order to trigger community issues at the beginning of the business, American Express has directly Instagram. The account is directly handed over to the network red business, allowing different people to travel with the American Express card, responsible for operating a cross-border exchange for a period of time, and also helping American Express’s Instagram to immediately increase attention.

5. Nike sporting goods

Number of followers: 75 million people, the average number of posts per vote: 300,000

Affordable sporting goods are very suitable for spreading on Instagram, and Nike is one of the best. Its business characteristics are not only playing star cards, athlete cards, but also using command-style copywriting and interaction . Compared with the general operators, it will promote tracking. The specific behavior (incoming calls, subscriptions, clicks, etc.), Nike’s approach is more straightforward, allowing users to directly click on the URL of the introduction.

6. Gucci fashion boutique

Number of followers: 20 million, average of each post by number: 70,000

Gucci has grown by leaps and bounds since the new designer changed. Especially in 2017, the sales volume is the first time to break through Hermes. The main reason why it will make a big leap forward is to embrace the young ethnic group and Gucci, which is a boutique brand on Instagram. There are many believers, but the smart Gucci is also very good at providing behind-the-scenes footage of the luxury world .

Although, I think their behind-the-scenes footage is carefully selected, it doesn’t matter. “Please give me a beautiful side. It is enough to never break the beauty of the Internet.”

7. GE Singular Company

Number of followers: 325,000 people, the average number of posts per app: 5,000

Operating industries include electronics industry, energy, transportation industry, aerospace, medical and financial services; traditional industries and industries can refer to the business practices of singular companies, not the kind of fashion, trend, famous cars, and wealthy types we imagined. But still found a group of resonators on the platform.

Traditional industries are closely related to life. Through the practice of strange companies, we can see the true meaning of community and people-oriented life.

Businesses running Instagram are nothing more than interacting and talking with consumers and building their own brand image. Take these 7 business accounts as examples. There are many ways to interact, depending on your industry category, needs and image. The way of dialogue, how to communicate between the brand and the consumer, tests the creativity and wisdom of the operator.

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