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There are lots of fun activities are there. Most of all, we love gaming. Yes! I’m talking about video gaming here. No matter what the age is, all of us loves games. Nowadays, it’s not like before. Now we have many ways to play games: smartphones, PC, gaming, consoles, etc. Gaming consoles are the most widely used gaming platform. Unlike PC or laptop, Gaming consoles are very easy to use and only made for gaming. There are many gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4, and many others. But remembered Game Boy Advance? If you recognized this gaming console, then you are a real pro gamer. If not, then it’s a 32-bit handheld video game console developed.

Check out GBA Emulator APK

Game Boy Advance which is popularly abbreviated as GBA  has sold more than 90 million copies. But later on with improved technology, this console vanishes from the limelight. But if you are a fan of GBA games, then you don’t need to dishearten. There is a my boy gba apk emulator. Using this app, you can play all the GBA games directly from your device.

The best GBA Emulator APK is My Boy! You can play all the games that form the GBA. Yes! Don’t need to surprise!

My Boy GBA Emulator APK Information.

  • App Name – GBA Emulator APK
  • Ap File Size – 1.77 MB
  • Latest Version – Android 4.0 and above
  • Developer – First Emulators
  • Last Updated – March 2019
  • Total Downloads – 10M+

How To Download & Install GBA Emulator?

Now you know everything about GBA Emulators. You know what the use of it and is as necessary details. Craving for GBA games!? Well, let’s understand how can you easily download the GBA emulator on your Android device and rock the games.

  • First, click the link to download the GBA Emulator APK file.

  • Then open your download history or download folder in your file manager.
  • Then click on the GBA Emulators APK file.
  • You will find the install button. Click on it.
  • If your mobile device is blocking the installation, then follow the procedure below.
  • Open your device setting, then open security menu.
  • Click and allow the unknown sources to install this app smoothly.
  • If still, the app is not installing, then open your Google Play Store. And disable Google Play Protect.
  • The app will get installed smoothly.
  • Now you need to find various GBA games from the different websites available.
  • Then import the games in the GBA Emulator do play and enjoy the GB games.


You can find GBA Emulators APK on many different websites, but most of them are not working. And some of them have malware in it. We tasted this APK personally before linking the file here. If you want to have fun by playing GBA games, then you should download the APK now. Later you can find many GBA games on various websites. If you faced any problems related to GBA Emulator APK, then let us know.

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