How to choose WLAN speakers? Then look at their connectivity to stereo.

When you are looking for the right Wi-Fi speakers, you will find many new problems. To this end, Technowalla here gives you some options for WLAN multi-room stereo settings.

Sonos One and Play: 1

Sonos OneandPlay: Two almost identical speakers. If you need the language assistant Alexa at home, you can choose SonosOne. You can get the same good sound without voice input. SONOS can connect to the network via Alexa. The Sonos app loads music from 56 streaming sources directly into the speakers, solving most compatibility issues. The highlight of Sonos is modular scalability. Because manufacturers continue to improve software and firmware, and allow increasingly sophisticated network options for different speakers. If you are looking for party speaker then you can check Best party speakers here.

Sony LF-S50G

Sony’s smart speaker LF-S50G looks like Apple HomePod. The 360-degree speaker is controlled by gestures, and the palm is suspended on the case. He connects to your other Wi-Fi speakers via Google Cast and provides voice commands through Google Assistant. In terms of acoustics, it performed very well in the test.

JBL link

JBL’s Link series can be controlled by Google Assistant and configured as a multi-room system using a home application. Since the end of 2018, two identical speakers can be networked to stereo. The highlight of Link 10 and 20 is that they can be used as Bluetooth speakers with built-in battery while traveling. This makes their use more versatile than other wireless speakers.

Link 300/500

Larger versions of the Link 300 and 500 need to be left at home due to lack of power and no splash protection. They provide more power for compensation. They can also be linked to stereo pairs as they are fully configured via the Google Home app. By the way, stereo operation can be maintained even if you use a Bluetooth device instead of Wi-Fi for music playback.

Google Home Max

Through the Google home Max, Google shot down the bird in terms of sound. With the help of an integrated microphone, this speaker optimizes your sound by measuring your room with a magic hand. The introduced stereo pairing makes it an acoustic treat.

Ultimate Ears Blast / Megablast

Ultimate Ears has Alexa capabilities with JBL Link 10 and 20 on the market. The key data of the color speaker mainly includes the above contents. The party mode is characterized by its ability to synchronize on the road or to synchronize multiple Blast speakers without a WLAN. This mode is not yet available in the test.

Zolo Halo

Compact and cheap echo replacement Zolo Halo was surprised by the test. Of course, it doesn’t sound like a heavyweight like Riva Arena. But stereo, multi-room options and Alexa and Spotify Connect integration make it an excellent entry-level device.

Speaker backpacks 

Obtaining auxiliary cable rights in a car is usually a privilege (and a very high honor).

Speaker backpacks extend this privilege and people can host parties anywhere.

It’s not just a speaker, because the speaker backpack is a fairly remarkable black, molded backpack, waterproof nylon look, anti-theft zip and pocket, EVA foam look, makes the backpack smooth

The highlight of the speaker backpack is that it introduces a wide variety of speakers in its design.

Designer: Stealth Labs / Tao Design

The speaker backpack integrates Hi-Fi Sound in a 12-litre backpack.

With a speaker backpack, you can enjoy Hi-Fi Sound sound anytime, anywhere.

Share music gifts anywhere.

No need to carry large speakers with you.

The speaker backpack weighs only 5 pounds!

Long-lasting playback: The 5000mHA lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives you up to 5-6 hours of playback time.

When it is exhausted, you can quickly and easily charge the battery via USB.

Designers have also added built-in charging cables for iPhone and Android phones, so you can charge your phone for two full cycles!

Starting a party is as easy as turning on the volume.

The speaker backpack has simple, intuitive controls.

The speaker backpack is also waterproof.

They ensure that the speaker backpack is a full-featured backpack with plenty of storage space to carry all the daily necessities and more.

Open spaces with large items and internal pockets can be divided into your details – such as your laptop.

No one likes to pick up their hands and pass their things.

The secret pocket behind the bag prevents thieves from finding the most valuable items. Designers include internal pockets with zip and velcro straps for easy item separation. The speaker backpack not only looks great, but also ensures a comfortable fit.

The speaker backpack’s outer casing is made of EVA foam and a nylon casing – giving you a uniquely powerful and lightweight combination.

With a speaker backpack, you can convert any area to your next rebate or full rager.

How do I work with a streaming provider on a wireless LAN speaker?

You will first configure the wireless speakers using the app on your smartphone. In Google Smart Home Control or Alexa Configuration, you can network your language assistant with your streaming provider. However, in both cases, the choices are limited. Only Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify, and Google or Amazon can be used for voice control. If you don’t use voice control but stream it via Google Cast, there are more options.

Is Sonos the best or what?

Sonos is one of the first multi-room system vendors to support WLAN. The sound of the speaker itself and the network with poor delay of multiple speakers manage the manufacturer earlier than most competitors. Sonos has provided some features long before it was launched on Google Home, AirPlay or other systems, some of which are still missing. These include WLAN connected speakers in stereo or surround mode or WLAN Boost, where the speakers open their own wireless network without hesitation.

The weakness here is still the support of digital assistants. Sonos chose Alexa and implemented the wizard in his Sonos One. This is still not mature. The integration of the streaming provider will stop running smoothly, and users will report Alexa skill issues that do not exist when used with the echo device.

Which wireless speaker system is best?

Google, Apple and Amazon are currently building incredible partnerships with the fidelity industry. At the same time, they are expanding their technology and constantly providing important features. This is very much needed because important details are ignored. Google can eventually make stereo pairs, while Amazon/Alexa still retains multiple rooms for its echo devices. To make matters worse, language assistants limit the choice of streaming services. After all, Google Cast is very tolerant and expands the choice to almost all providers.

However, when choosing a speaker, it is more necessary to choose according to your own needs. What is your demand for the speaker?

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