What are the best iOS App Marketing Services of 2019

In the case of mobile applications, marketing plays a vital role in spreading awareness and promoting the brand to the target audience. This is one of the main reasons why online business and app owners need to hire a mobile app marketing company for better exposure to their Android and iOS applications.

In this article, we will be specifically focusing on iOS mobile application marketing service provider instead of Android app marketing services. We are well aware of the fact that for developing an iOS mobile application, one of the main steps is to engage your target customers through the means of a mobile device. We can also say that a mobile application without mobile app downloads is not exactly the right path to success.

Here are some of the best iOS app marketing service providers to hire in the year 2019:

  1. Udonis

Let’s start with Udonis which is a well-known marketing agency that offers services like Facebook marketing, custom media buying, as well as marketing strategy services to iOS app development companies. It was founded in the year 2015, this mobile app marketing agency works with both small as well as large-scale enterprises in the app development services, B2B products, education, gaming and many more.

In one of its most recent projects, the company set up a Facebook ad campaign for an emerging weight loss platform only after analyzing its target customer base while focusing on identifying its audience reach. Their team has also generated original content to assist with a Google AdWords campaign. The outcome of daily sales on Facebook increased from 10 to 40 percent in the initial three months of the campaign, and this also provided a boost to the conversion rates.

  1. Yeeply

Next, on the list, we have is Yeeply, another popular mobile application development marketplace that is headquartered in London with other offices situated in prime locations like Paris and Spain. The company was founded in the year 2012, their team consists of more than 25 highly skilled professionals that primarily offers iOS mobile app development services to their clients.

The app marketing company has also worked with a consulting firm to build its very own custom WordPress website while using CSS programming. Yeeply also designed and developed an effective search engine optimization strategy for promoting blogs and other websites of well-known brands. It has also been reported by their clients that they have witnessed a jump in their daily amount of traffic after collaborating with them.

  1. MobileAppDaily

MobileAppDaily is a top-notch iOS application marketing service provider that offers its clients a wide range of services. From detailed mobile app reviews to exclusive annual reports on various industries like Blockchain app development companies, iOS app development companies, top mobile app developers in the US and many more.

Apart from this, you can also expect services like mobile marketing app, mobile application promotion, customized campaigns etc. Till date, they have worked with brands belonging to different domains, for instance, retail, travel, education, banking and many more.

Here, you also have the option to browse through various client reviews, recent projects, and mobile app development company descriptions. These details will help you in shortlisting your next potential partner and so select the iOS app marketing agency that fits your needs efficiently.

  1. Studio Mosaic

Last but not least, we have Studio Mosaic in our list of best iOS mobile app marketing companies which is a growth-oriented mobile application marketing agency that is based in India.

Recently, the app marketing company was hired by an online business mobile application that provides faxing solutions. This was done so that  they can act as a virtual CMO as well as marketing team for the brand.

For this project, their team created an advanced mobile app marketing strategy and executed the plan while providing compatibility for various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Web, etc.

So these were some of the top iOS application marketing services that you can get in touch with, for the purpose of promoting your iOS mobile applications. One thing that you need to pay specific attention to its credibility of the mobile app marketing service that you are going to hire.

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