Everyone nowadays wants to build their own applications and softwares. But for that they have to learn how to code . Now the main problem arises , That from  where should they start? Which language to learn first ?. because there are so many programming languages available that most often the beginners get confused . If you are also a beginner in this field and are searching the answers for these questions , Then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to tell you about some of the best programming languages for beginners which will help you to boost or app development process/carrier .

So as you are new to this field you should first decide your long term area of interest. Just decide which type of applications you want to develop for eg. Android, Windows, MacOS etc. Because there is a different programming language for every one of them for eg. Swift for MacOS , Java or .NET for Windows  etc. We will tell you the best programming languages for mobile apps and widely used app programming languages in several areas.

Best Programming Languages for Android Development

JAVA  – This is one of the best programming languages for Android development known till date. It is the official programming language for android and is also supported by Android Studio.

Kotlin – This is the latest programming language for android. It is known to be the second official java language . It is similar to java,  but in many ways it is more easier than java.

C/C++ – This is also an easy to learn programming language supported by Android Studio . It is known to be the basic programming language  used everywhere . It is basically the backbone of every  programming language . it can be used everywhere for eg. Making games, programming windows  etc.

These were Some of the best programming languages for beginners who want to go in the field of android development. Learning any one of them will boost their mobile app development process. Mobile app programming languages are increasing day by day. But on the area of development, lies a particular language that you must switch to.

Best Programming Languages For  Web Development

CSS/HTML – It is the basic language used for creating websites. HTML stands for Hypertext Mark up Language and is used to build and create websites. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and it makes the website looks cool and amazing , basically it is used for enhancing the UI (User Interface ) of a website.

PHP – It is an HTML embedded scripting language and used to form  Dynamic web pages, fast . It is used for both front and back end Developers. It is the language behind WordPress and Facebook.

Ruby –  It is a scalable , simple and super fast language famous among entrepreneurs and startups. Ruby and Ruby on the Rails is a duo that offers a full stack language and framework to build programs and web applications.

Best Programming Languages For Windows Applications

JavaScript – Anyone who wishes to develop windows application must Have knowledge of javascript. This programming language comes in handy with various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. It is simple to understand for beginners.

C-Sharp  – Also known as C# is a specially developed language for Windows Application. It has combined features of C and C++. It is a multi-  paradigm and object oriented language developed by Microsoft  as a part of a .NET initiative.

SQL – Stands for Structured Query Language and is useful for large data.It is  a DBMS(Database Management System) and is used to manage data. As every application requires a database to store data.It is recommended to learn SQL programming for managing the data for your application.


So these were some of the Best programming languages for beginners to learn about different platforms. After learning some of these languages one would be able to boost his/her application development process. There are many more languages and platforms which I did not mention here if u have time go check them out . But these were some of the recommended and best programming languages for beginners . If you have any more suggestions regarding best programming languages for mobile apps, please mention in the comment box. Further some interesting projects are there in our company’s GitHub profile. Stay tuned at technowalla for more related posts.

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