Your Android Is Not Working As Fast As It Used To Be? Here Are The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Make It Fast Again.

You have bought a new android phone just a few months back. The battery life was amazing, and the Phone was really fast. But now, after these months, you feel the Phone is not working fast enough like it used to be. Well, we all have faced that phase with our android phones. And this is not the case of the low budget phones only. A few of those high-end devices also face the same problems after using them for several months. 

So, what should we do? Mobile phones are very important gadgets, and we can’t stop using it or use it a significantly low number of times just to keep it running on the new condition, right? Thankfully, we don’t have to do that either, as there is a list of a few things that we can do to make our Android phones fast again. To get discounts on mobile devices, decide on hot oz coupons.

  • Use the Files by Google app to keep your phone storage clean:- Files by Google is an amazing application developed by Google that helps to keep your phone storage clean. This file management app analyses the apps or files that you have not been using for a long time so that you can select and delete the unnecessary ones from those selected apps and files. That helps you to find out junk files and clear them. It enables you to find out files that you never knew was present in your Phone. This file management application by Google also helps the user to share files from the Phone too.

This application is divided into sectors. The storage one and the files one. The storage one helps you to find out how much storage is left in your mobile, whereas the files tab helps you to clean up your Phone.

    Files by Google is a beneficial application to find and clean junk files and other unused apps. It is very helpful if you only have a 16gb internal phone memory.

  • Disable or uninstall bloatware from your android operated mobile:- Other than the mobile phones that are manufactured by Google (Pixel, Android One etc.), most of the rest android operated mobile phones comes with disgusting bloatware. This bloatware is good only to make your Phone slow. Thankfully, you can disable this bloatware from your mobile.

    Go to Setting> Apps and go through the apps that are currently running in your Phone. Whenever you find something you don’t recognize, uninstall or disable that application.

  • Check if your Phone is now running on the latest update:- The mobile manufacturing companies (also Google) keeps rolling out updates every once in a while. You might find it not worthy as the overall user experience does not seem to have any change. However, these updates always contain a list of bug fixes as long as your monthly shopping lists. This update optimizes the older versions to make your Phone faster.

    Go to Settings> About Phone> System update to check if there is any new update available in your device.

  • Go for the lighter versions of applications:- If your Phone has limited memory or storage, then you should try this one to make your Phone faster. Poorly optimized apps like Facebook, messenger consumes a lot of space in your Phone and still be sluggish. Try the lighter versions of these apps which consumes a lot less storage space than these apps and keep your storage space free.

    Go to Play Store. Install lite versions of applications like Facebook lite, Messenger lite, Twitter lite etc.

  • Keep your home screen clean:- If you want to keep your Phone fast, always keep your home screen clean. Do not apply live wallpapers as they take a lot of resources and make your Phone slow. Try to keep the home screen wallpaper blackish. This way your Phone doesn’t have to reflect a lot of colours when you open it and the Phone works faster.

    Try Goole’s wallpaper applications if you are in search of live wallpapers that do not use many resources.

  • Try for another launcher:- If your Phone doesn’t allow you to customize the user interface or the default launcher keeps bloating big time, you should try for a lightweight third-party launcher. There are a lot of third-party launchers that are lightweight and pretty fast.

    Search for the best third-party launcher applications in the Play Store.

  • Always optimize your battery, never with the third-party battery optimization applications:- If you feel your Phone’s battery life is draining out faster than usual, try optimizing your battery. The apps running in the background might be a reason for this problem.

    Go to Setting> Battery to look for the apps running in the background. Hit Force Stop to stop those apps from running in the background.

  • Turn off the ambient display:-Really helpful for those who wanna have a sneak peek to the notifications without unlocking their Phone; this feature comes at the cost of battery life. Turning off ambient display can save your battery life more than usual.

These were a few tips to make your android work fast again. Try it. Make it as new as it was when you bought it.

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